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Many people use weak passwords that can be hacked using brute force attacks.

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How to Hack a Twitter Account

At first sight, it might seem impossible to hack an account on one of the most popular websites in the world. In reality, this is not the case at all!

Like most websites, Twitter tries hard to keep their users secure, but there is one fatal loophole in all these measures: all security ultimately depends on the user.

It is up to the user to choose sufficiently hard passwords that cannot be guessed or attacked. But still in 2016, reports of users that foolishly use weak passwords continue to make headlines. There is a recent article that made headlines this year which reported that the most popular password used by people is "123456" followed by "password". You can read the full list here. This shows how dumb people are when they choose passwords.

This is a weaknesses that we can use to our advantage.

Computer generated passwords can take a lot of time to crack (several weeks or months) but it is highly likely that we will be able to crack a password that has been chosen by a human being. This is because of the fact that people are predictable and hardly creative.

To be able to execute our scripts fast, we have a huge database of common passwords that we use to check with the site. Once the right combination has been found, it allows us to log into the account. We do not limit ourselves to our database as, in some cases, the passwords used are slightly different to those in the list. Our system is able to learn of new password with each new hack that takes place.

The method we use is commonly known as brute force attack and has been used by hackers for several decades. Today, it is still a very effective method that can be used for finding user passwords. This is quite like burglars trying to open a safe, with the difference here being that we are automating everything with software.

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How It Works

1. Enter the Twitter Handle

Go to our hack page and enter the twitter username of the account. You do not need to enter the full url of the account but only the username. This is also called the twitter handle by some people. Once you click connect, our bot will try to find the user and determine if the account is hackable. The account status will be reported back to you and the process normally completes within 5 seconds.

2. Check the account status

Once a connection has been made to the specified account, you will know of the status of the account. This is your chance to verify if it is the correct account before the bots start hacking. In case, no user has been found, you will be notified and you will be able to select a different one to connect to.

3. Let the bots do all the work

As soon as you give your confirmation by pressing the hack button, a number of scripts will run in the background to find the right password of the specified user. The average completion time for this step has been 2 minutes for most accounts. This can vary if the person uses a stronger password.

There is no need to install any software.

With everything moving towards the web these days, we have decided to implement an online version of our twitter hack tool. UNlike other software, you have nothing to download and you do not loose any time to get started. There is fear as you do not risk getting infected by malware during transit.

The decision to put everything online is also because we wanted to protect the privacy of our users. With a software that you run on your desktop, it is possible to track you if you are careless. In this case, getting to you is not possible because everything is done online. On our side, we are hiding behind several proxies making it difficult to reach us. This not only allows us to protect our software and servers, but it also allows us to protect you at the same time.

All you need to start is a twitter username that you wish to target. This username is run through our scripts that will determine whether it is hackable or not. If it is possible to get the real password, then the script will perform additional steps to find it by making use of our huge database. You only need to watch and wait.

Automatically get the password!

Once the right password combination has been found, you'll be able to get the password. You can then log into the account you want with that password. We have found this method to be the easiest instead of having people download the twitter hack tool.


While a few people do it for mischief, there are many other different reasons why people hack twitter accounts. Some of those reasons tend to be rather legitimate and occur frequently.

Some people who want to have access to their own account but have no other means how to do so. You may have forgotten your password because you signed up a long time ago or someone may have logged into your account and changed your password. These are all valid reasons why you can use our software.

Other people may want to check and see what their partner or children are upto on twitter. It does happen often that very bad things are happening behind your back and you want to know about it. Hopefully this is not the case and this software will help prove it.